Большой театр Беларуси


Большой театр Беларуси


27 September 19:00

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Marriage of Figaro

оpera in two acts

Большой театр Беларуси


29 September 18:00

Eugene Glebov

Le Petit Prince

ballet in two acts

Большой театр Беларуси


18 Оctober, 19:00

Большой театр Беларуси



Dear friends! Christmas holidays are about to end. But the project ‘Bolshoi Theatre for Children’ continues! Moreover, it is reaching a new level! We can offer interesting, funny, informative, exciting and, most importantly, developing programs for children of different ages. We made this project with the sole purpose of infecting children with the virus of a great love to the music and dance art.

Interactive programme (for children of different ages from the age of 6) lasts 1.5 hours, and believe us, your child won’t have any boring minute during this time. And children, who have already made this fascinating journey into the world of music and dance, can prove it. The opportunity to see the theatre backstage, try on the theatrical costumes, to be amazed at the variety of stage props during the interesting guided tour, attend the rehearsal and huge beautiful shop. And this is just the beginning! After all, the programme continues in the cozy atmosphere of the Chamber Hall. Our beloved characters from the children’s operas perform for children and adults. They sing, dance, riddle and hold quizzes. Everyone can participate in this performance and get prizes for the right answers. However, no child leaves our theatre without presents. And the main present is bright, unforgettable emotions and the desire to return to the theatre again.

The Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus holds these programmes regularly. And their content and themes differ for children of different ages. But one thing remains unchanged. It is the developing and teaching start of the performance. Children can get acquainted with musical instruments and backstage of the theatre, get presents and surprises, meet our artists, and not only soloists, but also chorus singers, orchestra musicians and even supernumeraries artists. And we hope that our format of the project ‘Bolshoi Theatre for Children’ will grow into a more serious programme for young people gradually.

These programmes take place daily at 10.00. They are chargeable and must be booked in advance! It is possible to organize a sweet buffet. If you have any questions or proposals, contact us: (017) 334-11-56, (033) 901-28-89.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bolshoi theatre for children