Orchestra. January. Tour

Superman and Jaws, E. T. and Jurassic Park, Schindler's List and Star wars, Harry Potter and Fiddler on the roof.  One should agree that these legendary movies have been highly acclaimed by critics and millions of fans worldwide becoming audience’s favorites due to their soundtracks too, the music by ingenious John Williams. From 12 to 27 January, the Symphony orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus is going on a concert tour throughout the largest cities of Germany with a grand concert programme featuring the music composed by John Williams for famous movies and television series.

‘Even his Olympic Fanfare, the music composed by Williams in 1984 for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, will be performed,’ says the principal of the orchestra Dmitry Gorbachuk (trumpet).  ‘It is necessary to add that our tour is divided into two parts: first, we tour Germany in January, then head home, and in April will hit the road again. In the meanwhile, the audiences of such large cities as Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, and Leipzig will be looking forward to our performances. We are talking about huge concert grounds with the capacity of halls from 10 to 15 thousand seats! Such concert cites will certainly oblige: it is going to be a great programme where the music of legendary John Williams will rule the show. There will be the orchestra on the stage and, of course, the conductor, with the excerpts from the movies projected on the big screen. Such programmes are very popular among the European audience, so there is never a spare seat in the room and the house is always sold out!

It is an immensely fascinating project for us and we are getting ready in much anticipation. I still cannot believe that we were made such a proposal. Last year we went on a similar tour with Hans Zimmer, and he spoke highly of our company, which was certainly really nice. This time the full symphonic orchestra of 70 people is going! May Minsk spectators rest assured: the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus is really big.  The number of its members allow us to go on a tour in such an impressive quantity. In addition, just as many good musicians will stay home pleasing Minsk audience every performance night.

This all puts us in a great mood! After all, an artist has to be in an ever-lasting search for new creative inspiration. When a musician is stuck in one place, he stops growing professionally and gets isolated. Travelling is a great opportunity for professional encounters and fellowship and, to some extent, training. After all, the artist comes back with a certain amount of new experience and knowledge of global trends. Believe me, we made a huge breakthrough as far as the performance niveau go! It is just unbelievable what programmes are played at international competitions, what unique music is being composed. It was hard to imagine just a few years ago!

I must say straight away that the musical programme is going to be challenging. Every musician will find something to work on. It should be noted that the brass section would be under quite a pressure.  But I know it's for the best! All of the pieces are gorgeous! So, we do practice a lot and are willing to work to our utmost! And if John Williams calls by!.. Why not?!.. It will be a fairy tale!..’

At present, John Williams, the winner of 5 Oscars from the Academy Awards and 21 Grammy Awards, is 84. In his interview to the British periodical The Mirror the composer shared that the creation of music, especially for orchestra, is a tough job that requires solitude. By the way, he always writes down his music on paper with a pencil. And he is still faithful to this tradition.