Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus

1.    During a visit to the theatre the spectators must treat theatre’s property with care, observe public order and fire safety rules.
2.    It is prohibited:
2.1    to enter the auditorium after the 3rd call;
2.2    to enter the auditorium with flowers, bulky packages or bags, cameras and video cameras;
2.3    to take photos or make audio or video recordings performances (concerts);
2.4     to use mobile phones during the performances (concerts);
2.5    to enter the auditorium wearing outerwear or sportswear;
2.6    to visit the performances (concerts) in a state of intoxication;
2.7    to bring beverages or food to the auditorium;
2.8    to smoke on theatre’s premises;
3.    It is strictly forbidden to bring to the premises of the theatre
•    weapons (firearms, cold weapons, gas);
•    ammunition;
•    special items (pepper spray, electroshock devices, spark arresters, etc.);
•    flammable substances;       
3.1. In case of permission to storage and carrying of a certain type of weapon, the weapon must to demonstrated to the security staff of the theatre for inspection

4.    In case of detection of abandoned objects on theatre’s premises, such objects must be reported immediately to a representative of the administration or security of the theater.  It is EXTREMELY PROHIBITED to pick up, open, or move the discovered objects.
5.    Children under 3 years of age are not allowed to attend performances (concerts)
6.    Children older that 3 years are allowed to attend matinee and evening performances (concerts) as long as they are accompanied by an adult  with a separate ticket
7.    Tickets are valid for the specific date and time
8.    The purchased tickets are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged
9.     A ticket with corrections is considered invalid.
10.    The theatre administration is not responsible for the authenticity of tickets purchased from unauthorized dealers.
11.    When purchasing tickets for wheelchair users please inform the booking-clerk or the theatre administrators.
12.     War veterans and disabled persons of all categories are entitled to book tickets in advance by calling the box office. The tickets can be purchased within a week out of turn.
13.      According to paragraph 2.1 the latecomers should take only openings on the dress circle or the balcony before the first intermission regardless of the seats marked in the tickets.
14.    Flowers and gifts should be left with the senior administration.  They are presented on stage by theatre staff only.
15.    The buffets are opened an hour prior to the beginning of the performance and work during the intermission until the third call.
16.    For the convenience of spectators the cloakroom accepts umbrellas (with a strap), plastic bags and bags with shoes, travel bags and brief cases (upon demonstration of the contents to a security officer).
17.     Carry-on luggage, with the exception of small ladies’ bags, should be left at the theatre’s baggage storage. Ladies’ bags, brief cases and other personal belongings, which are permitted to bring into the theatre, must be opened and demonstrated at the security officer’s request.
18.    In case of lost cloakroom tickets for the left clothes, or material damaged to the property of the theatre, the spectator bears civil liability.
19.     Things forgotten at the cloakroom after the performance that are not claimed by spectators are subject to the security staff inspection with the involvement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Ministry for Emergency Situations specialists if necessary.
20.    The theatre management reserves the right to replace the performance (concert). In case of replacement or cancellation of a performance (concert) the tickets can be returned to the box office before the beginning of the performance (concert).