Stage technology



The upper system of mechanics is complex system of various devices. It helps to implement the instantaneous change of scenery, make the solution of various technical tasks easier and also provide the right lighting.
The lighting bridges- traditional stage light, hundreds of lighting devices located on the rising (downgoing) metal constructions (trusses), located high above the stage. There are 10 rows of stage lights which can move in any direction and at any angle. At the same time, each of the hundreds of lighting devices can move independently of the others and allow to illuminate any spot on the stage. All this helps to create the lighting scenario which is computer operated and synchronized with the heavy machinery.
It is impossible to imagine a professional stage without 3D and flat decorations. Today there are 50 so-called fly-lines or battens which allow changing up to 50 backdrops during one show.
By the way, the main curtain – the grand drape can be opened horizontally and vertically, and like the so-called ‘Wagner’ curtain: it bunches up and sideways. There is one more - an anti-fire drop-curtain - in case of emergency it can block the stage from the auditorium in less than 30 seconds.
Of special interest are scenic flight mechanisms which enable the movements of performers in mid-air, and the panorama–screen backdrop which creates the illusion of movement.