Stage technology


The lighting equipment of the theatre can be called unique. In addition to the lighting bridges, side lighting is used. There are 4 lightning towers on each side of the wings, which can move in any direction and at any angle. The tormentors are also move along the stage opening. Behind the orchestra pit there are ramps; in the auditorium there are light cannons — there is thus a flexible and transformable light space.
Theatrical scenery projectors of the new generation, which combine a slide projection with the capabilities of a profile spotlight and dynamic lighting are designed to create the light and aerial plane and volume. .
The unique acoustics of the hall, stage and orchestra pit allow to focus the sound into the hall, as well as to achieve the correct acoustic localization and echo elimination.
Of course, the action of both upper and lower mechanics, as well as lighting and acoustics systems, are controlled by computers, providing synchronicity of movements and the premiere quality of any performance.
Having such advanced technical facilities at their disposal artistic directors and set designers can manipulate the scenic space and implement their boldest ideas.