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Bolshoi Theatre for Children


In accordance with a good tradition, the guests will meet the cheerful and inquisitive Dunno and Vasilisa the Wise in the foyer at 11:15. The fairy characters will tell the children about Dance Day, how it appeared and why it is so popular around the world, and also about dance styles; the children are welcome to solve numerous interesting riddles about this popular form of art and participate in amazing quizzes. Dunno and Vasilisa the Wise will tell the newcomers how they should behave at the theatre and why, for instance, they must not rustle candy wrappers or sit with a hat on in the house.

The young visitors will enjoy the meeting with the dancers of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus who will speak about the ABC of dance and show main dance pas. The most active participants of the masterclass will receive prizes and souvenirs.

The interactive entertaining programme will begin at 11:15 in the theatre foyer, and at 12:00 the children will watch the performance of The Little Tower Chamber shown on the main stage.