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Phantom of the Opera in the Bolshoi Theatre




‘Music has incredible magic power! … It is  difficult to disagree with the opinion of the French writer Gaston Leroux. And you can ascertain the truth of these words at the Big New Year’s Ball at the Bolshoi Theatre, which will traditionally be held on the night of the Old New Year. Don’t be surprised if this time in a crowd of dancing couples you notice... the Phantom of the Opera or hear his charming voice. The romantic hero of a gothic novel by Leroux will reside at the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus on the night of the 13th /14th January.

In 2019, Big New Year’s Ball at the Bolshoi Theatre will be held for the 10th time, and the theme of this night will be the novel The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. Hence-interesting directing elements and theatrical decisions based on mystification, illusion and mystery … The jubilee year requires an out-of-the-box approach , so ... prepare to be amazed: you can see miracles immediately, at the ball, which will solemnly open this evening.  Directors would like to surprise you with elements of immersive theatre, when artists  just appear out of nowhere in a crowd of spectators, interacting with the audience and involving them in their game.

 Last year, a dance master class had an incredible success, so we decided to repeat it this time. Of course, not everyone had the opportunity and time for several months of rehearsals in the theatre.

They will take a course of express classes and learn the basic movements of tango, waltz and cha-cha-cha. The second ball, which will open after midnight, will surely surprise the audience with its musical solution, which will be more than democratic. The audience will enjoy a combination of classical dance with jazz, swing and even rock and roll! It will not be a boring time!

This evening, even the chess game is expected to be incredibly exciting! After all, you have to fight... with a golden statue. She will remain motionless and not react to anything as long as you don’t sit in a chair in front of her and make the first move on the playing board. In the 18th century, this chess "machine" (of course, this chess game was played by hidden from the public man) was invented by the Austro-Hungarian engineer-inventor Kempelen. His "device" for many years was the most popular entertainment at the European fairs.

The artists of the Minsk theatre school of dramatic art under the direction of Oleg Kotz will perform at the Big New Year’s Ball at the Bolshoi Theatre again. In one part of the foyer you will find a mime-quiz – charades, where the audience can guess the performances that will depict the actors. Do not forget that our ball is held in the shadow of the Phantom of the Opera, which means that we chose operas and ballets with the most mystical plots.
You feel lack of extreme? Come to the dance battle! Can you repeat movement, choreographed piece or even dance, which only professionals can deal with? If you do the best, you'll get a prize!.. If you prefer to sing? Then you can participate in "Karaoke with a star"! You can sing along with the beloved soloists of the theatre. In the foyer on the first floor on the improvised stage you will be able to show all your vocal talents. You can sing a classic aria, romance or jazz pieces. Obviously, no pop songs!

Friends, the theme of the ball just requires you to come to the theatre in masks. It can be purchased or handmade masks-it does not matter! The main thing that it should be original! The owner of the most unusual mask will get a prize after midnight! Traditionally, 10 best dance couples, which will open the Ball-2019, will be awarded. They will be chosen by choreographer Olga Kostel.

Living sculptures and photo booth where you can take snapshots for memory; sweet zone with a chocolate fountain and a snow show in the spirit of Slava Polunin; astrologers, tarot masters, palmists and human design specialists that will tell you about your true personality (for the first time!), all this awaits the audience during the night!

Our wonderful musicians will give a special mood to the public. Traditionally, the audience requested to be seated in the Chamber Hall in advance. Three incredible concerts will take place on the small stage and one of it can involve you in an exciting detective story. At midnight a concert- surprise will be held. What prepares the principal stage director of the theatre Mikhail Pandzhavidze on the main stage this time is a mystery. But one thing is clear: it will be incredible musical fireworks of transformations as always.

The Big New Year’s Ball at the Bolshoi Theatre will end at about 4 am.