Большой театр Беларуси


Большой театр Беларуси



Summer Premiere at the Bolshoi!


What is the secret of Rossini's ‘... Barber’? The beauty of music, virtuoso voices, unexpected plot twists, hilarious adventures?.. Yes, this is a traditional Italian commedia dell'arte, where even today it is so easy to recognize the characters and situations in which they find themselves.This work, which was written more than two centuries ago, seems so relevant. Il Barbiere di Siviglia is perhaps the most famous composer's opera. Almost immediately after the first performances, Rossini received the title "Italian Mozart". Giuseppe Verdi was so impressed by the sound of Rossini's ‘...Barber’ that he repeatedly spoke of the opera as the best musical work in the genre of opera buffa. And Heinrich Heine called Rossini a "divine maestro", admiring the musical language of the Italian composer.

The plot of Il Barbiere di Siviglia is simple: young people love each other and want to get married against the will of their fathers and guardians, and ingenious servants help lovers in everything. ‘This opera is the salt of Italy,’ the director Aldo Tarabella, who will bring some Italian sun to the Belarusian production, said. Enrico Musenich, a designer from Italy, is responsible for the sets and costumes. The musical director of the production is Vladimir Ovodok, chorus master is Nina Lomanovich.

The last performance of Il Barbiere di Siviglia at the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus took place in November 2016. In June 2023, our new production will feature Alexander Gelakh, Yuri Gorodetsky, Andrei Matyushonok, Alexander Mikhniuk, Andrey Klipo, Dzianis Yantsevich, Uladzislau Zazulka, Dmitry Kapilov, Andrey Selutin, Tatyana Gavrilova, Daria Gorozhanko, Anastasia Mikhnovets, Andrei Valentii, Vasily Kovalchuk, Olga Malinovskaya, Ekaterina Mikhnovets, Alexander Krasnodubsky, Ruslan Maspanov, etc.

Photos from the archive of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus.

Михаил Денисов - Фигаро. Постановка Большого театра Беларуси

Постановка 1934 г. Михаил Денисов – Фигаро 


                                                                                                                           1969 г. Розина – Людмила Златова, Фигаро – Аркадий Савченко
                                                                                                                                                Инесса Одинцова – Розина 
                                                                                                                                                                 Людмила Колос – Розина 
                                                                                                                                                      Мария Гулегина – Розина 
Эдуард Пелагейченко - Альмавива, Аркадий Савченко - Фигаро, Ярослав Петров - Базилио
 Елена Шведова – Розина, Виктор Скоробогатов – Фигаро
Александр Кеда – Бартоло   , Василий Ковальчук – Базилио
Александр Краснодубский – Фигаро 
Елена Сало – Розина 
Постановка 2011 г.