Evenings with Serenada

On 23 September you will enjoy a wonderful night with the quintet Serenada and our brilliant singers.

 The programme “Heart, You Wish No Peace” has been performed at the festival “Evenings of the Bolshoi Theatre at the Radziwill Castle” in Nesvizh this year. So it would be unjust to deprive the metropolitan audience of the pleasure to enjoy beautiful music and songs. 

 “Heart, You Wish No Peace,” a line from the popular song, has determined the composition of the programme which will be given at the Chamber Hall. The project is dedicated to film music. Such programmes are popular worldwide, so I felt like making something similar at our theatre… The programme can be called unique. The audience will hear Frank Sinatra’s songs, such as “L.O.V.E.”, “Strangers in the Night”, “Moon River”, and also the songs from the film Sun Valley Serenade. The quintet Serenada will play beautiful music from different Western films, including Carlos Gardel’s tango from the Oscar winner Scent of a Woman…’ said the recipient of the Francysk Skaryna Medal Tatyana Tretyak.

 The concert will feature Tatyana Tretyak, People’s Artist of Belarus Vladimir Petrov, winner of international competitions Natalia Akinina, and the string quintet Serenada.