Christmas Tree Decoration

On 6 January, on Christmas Eve, the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus welcomed the participants of the traditional ‘Christmas Tree Decoration Contest’ for the 3rd time. More than 90 toys decorated the Christmas tree in the foyer of the theatre. Everyone noted that this year the contestants got very creative, which can be attested by observing the decorations made by the winners and the participants of the contest. No child left the theatre without a prize or a gift. Everyone got something, a special Diploma or a gift not only from the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus but also from our sponsors: JSC Savushkin product, Snack House Company, Minsk State Fine Art College named after A.K.Glebov, children’s magazines Dunno, 3/9 Kingdom, and Backpack.
Dear friends!

Thank you everyone! Dear families, parents and children, teachers and leaders of Children’s Arts Centers for the inspiration, joy, magic, wonder and magic!

The winners are:

Grand Prix Anastasia Tusic, “Queen”
1st Place  the Sinke family, “Carmen”
2nd place Ekaterina Shafranskaya, “Carriage for Cinderella”
3rd place Mikhail Klimov, “The Nutcracker”

Special prizes nominees:
1.    “People’s Award” the Shmyga family, “The Three Piglets”
2.    “The Youngest Contestant Award” Sofia Tsvirko, 4 years old
3.     “Father Frost’s Special Prize” Ekaterina Petkevich,  “Snow Maden”
4.     “Snow Maden’s Special Prize” Daria Drozd, “New Year’s Moose”
5.    “Buslik Company Special Prize” Anastasia Aleynikova, “Carmen”
6.    “Infinite Imagination Award” Dmitry Mahl, “Balerina”
7.     “Most Original Material” Alexandra Poliakova “The Nutcracker” (clay); the Mikhailuk family “Fir-tree” (pasta)
8.     “Inspiration Award” Demian Lebedev “Firebird”
9.     “The Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus Special Prize” Ekaterina Savostenya “Madama Butterfly”, Christina Krupenko “Scheherazada”
10.    “6+2”Multishildren family! The OLekhno family, “Firebird”
11.    “Opera Character Award” Ekaterina Kotsyura “Pagliacci”
12.    “Ballet Character Award” the Vasilenok family “Gignor Pomodoro”
13.    “Precise Work Award” Taisia Litvinova “The Night Before Christmas”
14.    “Great Theatre Character” Aleksandr Pastushkov “The Nutcracker”
15.    “Bluebird Award” the Moshchenok-Buloichick family “The Wonderful Firebird”
16.    “Man’s Charisma” Pavel Lukashevich “Rigoletto”

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