Orchestra. Tour

In April the musicians of the Belarusian Bolshoi returned from a grand tour to the major cities in Germany and Switzerland. During this tour our artists performed at the largest venues of Braunschweig, Hannover, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Oberhausen, Münster and Kiel with the programme featuring the music of the legendary John Williams, that was composed for the famous Hollywood films Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and many others.

‘We performed almost every day, which wasn’t easy, yet, after all, the emotions evoked by this project are extremely positive!’ says the artist of the orchestra viola section, Olga Pilnevich. By the way, last year, Olga participated in a no less grand tour with Hans Zimmer’s programme Film Music. ‘The beautiful European cities welcomed us with sunshine, warm weather and the first spring flowers. It was incredibly pleasant to find myself in such an atmosphere. And although we were catastrophically short of time, I always tried to carve out an hour or two to wander the streets and squares.

I believe that musical projects featuring hit tunes and soundtracks from the favourite films are very popular nowadays. So when you are watched and listened to by multitudinous audiences the experience is incredible! And the spectators do not merely sit and listen to music: the most interesting moments of the movies are being projected onto the screen as the music unfolds. And that's a totally different experience! And not only for the audience. We, musicians, play differently! When you sit in the orchestra pit of the theater, you don't really see what is happening on stage. The bright pictures gave us a more powerful feeling, which didn’t go unnoticed by the audience – we were given a standing ovation! Despite the fact that the music of Williams is quite easy to listen to, it should be noted that orchestra parts are quite complex. But the conductor Claudio Vandelli always said that we were doing great: professionally and virtuoso.

By the way, many a time the Italian Maestro impressed us with his mastery. For example, during the musical theme from Harry Potter a magic wand of the young student of Hogwarts appeared in his hands out of nowhere.... And it was so cleverly used to manage the orchestra, that there were no doubts: this was pure magic, nothing else! The audience was thrilled! At the end of each show the huge hall would always rise to their feet and give us a storm of applause. We could never go without an encore. Usually, this was the theme of Darth Vader, the Imperial March, from Star Wars. And then, the conductor would ask the audience to become a part of the action to stomp and clap in rhythm to the familiar rhythm. And certainly, the spectators responded gladly, willingly and with joy. The hall was elated!

I have received enormous pleasure while playing each piece by Williams since I know every tune. And yet, I am especially in love with the theme of Anakin from Star Wars and the song “Through the Stars”.’