We Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain


 The composer, arranger and producer Sven Helbig will present the only concert "I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain". On 20 October he will perform on the stage of the Belarusian Bolshoi for the first time. This evening Helbig will take the audience to his musical universe. After all, this project, created by the musician in 2016, is a kind of philosophical performance, in which he combined the voices of the chorus and electronic instruments. We can say that Helbig created his own trend in music, which combines unusual work with sounds and images and classical and electronic music.

As Helbig admits, he knew that he would be a musician since childhood. He studied music in Dresden, taught percussion at the Karl-Maria von Weber Academy of Music. In 1996 Sven Helbig and Markus Rindt founded the Dresden Symphony Orchestra (Dresdner Sinfoniker), the first in Europe to have exclusively modern music in its repertoire. In 2007 Helbig’s management of the orchestra sort of takes a back seat and he plunged into composing his own musical material - he wrote orchestral plays, film music, and electronic compositions. As a producer, composer, arranger, he collaborates with world-famous bands and musicians: Rammstein, Pet Shop Boys, Snoop Dogg, Polarkreis 18, Fauré Quartett, Seedo, as well as with opera singer René Pap. People invite Helbig to organize large-scale theatrical shows. So, on the 800th anniversary of Dresden, he seated the playing orchestra musicians on the balconies of the old house in the main square of the city. He also presented to 25,000 spectators on Trafalgar square in London soundtrack to Eisenstein's film Battleship Potemkin, in which he combined electronic and orchestral sound.

When Helbig created his album "I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain", which Belarusian audience will hear on 20 October, he decided that chorus will be the main "instrument" in this project.

On 20 October, 16 artists of the chorus of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus will become part of Sven Helbig's space project "I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain". Maestro Wilhelm Keitel, who has long been known and loved by the Belarusian audience, will conduct. And of course, Helbig's world would be incomplete without fantastic video projections; these images will only complement his amazing music.