Elizariev is preparing for The Creation of the World


In mid-November, Valentin Elizariev begins to work on the new edition of the legendary ballet The Creation of the World. The audience will see master’s choreography in December. The premiere of the new version of the production, which lives in the Bolshoi for 43 years, is scheduled for 8 December.


The music for the ballet was written by the composer Andrey Petrov. It based on the drawings of the popular in the Union French painter Jean Effel, whose biblical story of Adam and Eve is illustrated in a humorous way. In 1971 The Creation of the World, staged by Natalia Kasatkina and Vasily Vasilev, appeared on the stage of the Kirov Theatre (now – Mariinsky). The role of Adam was performed by Mikhail Baryshnikov.


‘When I reviewed the musical material, it seemed surprisingly deep to me,’ the artistic director of the theatre, People's Artist of the USSR, Professor Valentin Elizariev said. ‘And I was thinking how can I reveal this topic globally, giving it a universal character. How to dare and tell about humanity as a whole, what awaits us in the future…’


The musical director of the new work is Maestro Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich.