Guest performances at The Bolshoi



On 17 December the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus welcomes the Opera сompany of the Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet on its stage.

The soloists of the Odessa Opera will present to the Belarusian audience the mystical drama of Peter Tchaikovsky The Queen of Spades staged by People's Artist of Moldova Alexandru Samoila (conductor), People's Artist of Russia Alexander Titel (director), Honored Artist of Russia Stanislav Morozov (designer). The premiere of The Queen of Spades on the stage of the Odessa Opera Theater took place in 2013, and remains the most popular performance on its calendar.

The directors of the Odessa production of The Queen of Spades chose not to trifle with the viewer by offering a multitude of semantic puzzles and riddles. The director’s moves are transparent and comprehensible allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Tchaikovsky's music, to empathize with the characters of the opera. The Queen of Spades directed by Titel is a perfect sample of music direction. The image of ‘strange’ Petersburg and Petersburg ‘through the times’ as Dostoyevsky put it, is the leitmotif that permeates the whole opera serving as a sort of a mystical backdrop to the events unraveling in the lives of the characters. Alexander Titel believes, ‘It is akin to a fantastic tragedy. It has the elements of phantasmagoria and mysticism, the phenomenon of the order of things, mentioned by Hamlet to Horatio in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.’

On 17 December, The Queen of Spades by will be performed on the Belarusian stage under the baton of Maestro Alexandru Samoila. Leading cast: Eduard Martyniuk (Herman), Yulia Tereshchuk (Lisa), Tatiana Spasskaya (the Countess), Ivan Fliak (Count Tomsky, Zlatogor), Harry Gukasyan (Prince Yeletsky), Valeriy Regrut (Chekalinsky), Viktor Shevchenko (Surin), Sergey Krasnykh (Chaplitsky), Sergey Uzun (Narumov), Ekaterina Tsymbalyuk (Polina, Milovzor), Nadezhda Sychuk (Masha, Prilepa), Irina Repetiy (the Governess), Viktor Muzychko (Steward).