Premiere of the Next Season: Faust by Charles Gounod


The concept of Charles Gounod’s Faust was presented to the artistic council of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus. This opera story of the legendary doctor has been already performed in our theatre. And legendary production team worked on it every time. In 1928 it was staged for the first time. It was the first production of the Music College directed by Alexander Bessmertny and performed in the Belarusian language. The second time the opera was staged in 1950. The production team include: conductor Tatiana Kolomiytseva, director Vladimir Shakhrai, designer Sergey Nikolaev and choreographer Konstantin Muller. And the third time it was staged by  conductor Iosif Abramis, director Semyon Stein, designer Eugene Zhdan, choreographer Semyon Drechin in 1972. The last production was in the repertoire of the theatre until the 90s.

The current generation of performers will work on it for the first time.


The new production team include: musical director People’s Artist of Belarus


The new production team will present something new for the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus-director Anna Motornaya. Despite the fact that it will be Motornaya’s first work in the Bolshoi Theatre, her directorial experience in the musical theatre is already quite impressive: since 2010 she has staged at least eight performances at the Belarusian State Academic Musical Theatre, as well as a number of large-scale concert programmes.


The director's concept of the production touches upon serious philosophical questions and calls for reflection on the essential moral and ethical problems. To do this, the viewer seems to be placed in the atmosphere of a Faust’s experiment, where he constantly balances on the verge of real life and unreality, illusion and reality, conscious representation and feeling.