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On 10 December, the premiere of Tchaikovsky's Iolanta will open the 13th Minsk International Christmas Opera Forum. At one time, the poetic story of a blind girl, whose sudden burst of love for an unknown knight helps her to endure painful treatment in order to see the light and colors of the world, touched the heart of Pyotr Tchaikovsky so much, that he created one of his most beautiful and life-asserting works.  

The production team includes three main specialists of the theatre: conductor Artem Makarov, director Anna Motornaya, designer Lyubov Sidelnikova. We remind that this production of Tchaikovsky's opera will be the fifth on the stage of the Belarusian Bolshoi. It was staged in 1952, 1975, 1993 and 2004 before.




The guests of the Minsk International Christmas Opera Forum will be two companies. These companies will perform productions that you can’t find in the repertoire of the Belarusian Bolshoi.

On 12 December, the Alisher Navoi State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Uzbekistan will present an emotional, bright opera with an oriental flavor: Georges Bizet’s Les pêcheurs de perles.

The premiere of this opera took place in Paris in 1863. At his young age (Georges Bizet was only 24 years old), the composer was looking for inspiration in the simplest things, so his attention was attracted by the uncomplicated plot of the opera Les pêcheurs de perles. This is the story of the rivalry of two friends, pearl fishermen Zurga and Nadir, who are in love with the beautiful Leila. The priestess of Brahma has to make a very difficult choice – between duty and feeling.




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On 14 December, the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre will perform the fabulous Prokofiev’s story The Love for Three Oranges.

Initially, the idea of an opera about three oranges was born from the legendary director Vsevolod Meyerhold, who published a magazine "The Love for Three Oranges" about the theatre in Petrograd in 1914-1916. The very first issue of the magazine published an eponymous play, written by Meyerhold in collaboration with director Vladimir Solovyov and poet Konstantin Vogak and based on Carlo Gozzi’s comic tale (Italian playwright, author of the famous Turandot). Meyerhold specifically gave Prokofiev this play with the expectation that he would write an opera. Sergei Prokofiev really wrote the music and composed his own libretto based on the play, but it happened in America, by request of the Chicago Opera House. The opera was staged in October 1919, and the production took place in December 1921. It was a great success. In America, The Love for Three Oranges was performed in French. In 1926, it was performed in Russian at the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theatre for the first time. The play was staged by Meyerhold's student Sergei Radlov (1892-1956) and Nikolai Foregger (1892-1939), who would later become the principal director and artistic director of the Kuibyshev Opera House (1938-1939). But in Kuibyshev (Samara), Three Oranges were never staged. The current production is the first.

The performance was included in the long list of the Golden Mask is a National Theatre Award (2021), and also received the Onegin National Opera Award for the performance of Truffaldino role (Anatoly Nevdakh).



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The brilliant Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini had a wonderful sense of humor and was an excellent cook. According to his contemporaries, people signed up for lunch with Rossini... a month in advance. On 13 December, we invite the audience – no, not for lunch! But to see, perhaps, the most famous composer’s opera: Il Barbiere di Siviglia directed by the Italian director Aldo Tarabella.

The legendary barber Figaro, the maestro of scissors and razors, a clever and witty man who can masterfully arrange both a new hairstyle and a new destiny, returned to the Belarusian stage at the end of the last anniversary season.




 Фигаро – Алексей Макшанцев, Бартоло – Дмитрий Капилов


The gala concert of opera stars will be a beautiful final point of the feast.

On 15 December, the closing ceremony of the Minsk International Christmas Opera Forum-2023 will feature both guests and Belarusian soloists: singers, who, we are sure, will delight our audience.





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