Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov


ballet in one act

Recommended age 12+


Libretto: Michel Fokine, Leon Bakst
Choreography: Michel Fokine
Staging: People’s Artist of Russia Andris Liepa
Musical director: Honoured Artist of Ukraine Viktor Ploskina
Sets and costumes: Leon Bakst
Reconstruction of sets and costumes: Anna and Anatoly Nezhny
Artistic heads: People’s Artist of Russia Andrey Petrov, People’s Artist of Russia Andris Liepa
Conductor:Vladimir Ovodok
Running time: 40 minutes
Premiere: 9 November 2011


Bored sultan Shahriyar is entertained by the odalisques and by his favourite wife Zobeide. On the advice of his younger brother Shahezman  Shahriyar is going hunting. Orgy starts in the harem, at the height of which the sultan returns. He orders to execute his concubines, eunuchs and black slaves. Zobeide kills herself.