Mikhail Krylov

Orr and Ora

People and Birds. Choreographic parable about LOVE in two acts

Recommended age 16+


Libretto: Vyacheslav Zarenkov and Aleksandra Tikhomirova based on Vyacheslav Zarenkov's works
Arrangement: laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Oleg Khodosko
Choreography and staging: recipient of the Francysk Skaryna Medal Aleksandra Tikhomirova
Musical director: Andrei Ivanou
Designer: People’s Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Vyacheslav Okunev
Lighting: Irina Vtornikova
Computer graphics: Viktoria Zlotnikova
Assistant ballet masters: Honoured Artist of the Republic of Belarus Yuliya Dziatko, Takatoshi Machiyama
Assistant designer: Natalia Shipuk
Conductors: Ivan Kostyakhin, Aleh Lessoun
Running time: 2 hours with 1 interval
Premiere: 28 June 2017



Morning. Daybreak. Long ago, at the dawn of the universe, somewhere between heaven and earth, between winter and spring. The world is still black and white, because it still lacks love. Cold and darkness reign throughout. Gray people are cocoons in deep hibernation.

And here the Birds come flying: two white eagles, Orr and Ora. They whirl in the sky like in a love dance. They carry light and hope on the wings. Of manifold cocoons, they choose two, a Man and a Woman, where they engender life and to whom they give love. Light pours. The world becomes colourful, and spring comes.

Exhilarated and inspired by love, the Man and the Woman celebrate their wedding. Among the guests there are many people who do not know the feeling of love. They drink and dance. They dance and drink. Enamoured of each other, the Man and the Woman dance a slow wedding waltz. Their dance, light and pure, looks like a colored spot against a gray background of a mad spin of the dancing crowd.

Love, like a powerful element, drags the Man and the Woman into the whirlpool of passion. Happiness is to care about each other.

The life of the Man and the Woman becomes calmer. Daily routine adds gray colours to the vibrant picture of life. Black spots of quarrels overshadow their life. The tension reaches the peak, but the appearance of the Birds brings back harmony, light, peace and joy. The world is colourful again. Butterflies fly above the flowers again. Summer comes.

Envy at other people's happiness nags the gray mass of people lacking love. The gray mass advances. They steal a colourful blanket and tear it apart. They break the marriage bed. They threaten them with violence. They catch and kidnap Ora. Colours fade in the darkness.

Discord in the family. The Man and the Woman cease to understand each other. Endless quarrels. The whirlpool of emotions. A scandal. The Man leaves. It gets darker.

The loneliness of the Woman. Separation of the people and the birds. Life slips away drop by drop. Darkness thickens. Nobody cares about the Woman. The world is huge, and man is alone. The Woman is haunted by nightmares and apparitions. Only somewhere in the distance there is a glimmer of hope.


Endless winter. A lonely Orr longs for Ora. He can't fly without his beloved. The Woman appears. She raises his wings: fly free. Orr decides to find Ora and have her back. He suggests flying together in search of their sweethearts.

A club. A glamorous stuffy ambience. The crowd is in the grip of night hot dancing. The Man appears. He drinks wine in anguish and seeks solace in the arms of strange women. A show begins: Ora is displayed. Love is sold. But nothing brings joy.

The Woman appears. Meeting with the Man. Showdown. The return of harmony and understanding. Their souls reunite. Orr sees Ora. The quartet of people and birds who are happy again. But the gray aggressive mass advances. The light grows dim. The Man and the Woman protect the Birds and help them fly away. Infuriated, the mob manages to murder the Woman in a brawl.

The loneliness of the Man. Despair... He thrashes around and doesn't want to live without his sweetheart... He sees her apparition everywhere in the dark... No strength to continue his journey on the earth... Suddenly the birds fly down to him. They take the Man into the sky on their wings.

Somewhere very high above, they meet again: the Man and the Woman. They are happy again. They are like in Paradise. A lot of white birds dance their white dance of love. The dance of joy and happiness. The dance of people and birds.

Spring comes again...