Camille Saint-Saëns
Samson et Dalila

opera in three acts

Tuesday | 16 May 2023|19:00

Age 12+

Дирижер – народный артист Республики Башкортостан Артем Макаров (Россия) 


Libretto by Ferdinand Lemaire
Musical director: Aleh Lessoun
Director: Honoured Artist of the Republic of Belarus, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Oksana Volkova
Designer: laureate of the Golden Mask Russian National Theatre Award Etel Ioshpa
Chorus master: People's Artist of Belarus, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Nina Lomanovich
Choreography: winner of international competitions Sergey Mikel
Lighting and video design: laureate of the Golden Mask Russian National Theatre Award Stas Svistunovich
Sung in French with Russian surtitles
Conductor – Yuri Karavaev
Premiere: 14 December 2021


Самсон – Дмитрий Шабетя

Далила – Оксана Волкова

Верховный жрец – Денис Янцевич

Старый еврей – Александр Кеда

Абемелех – Андрей Селютин 

Первый филистимлянин – Юрий Болотько

Второй филистимлянин – Дмитрий Трофимук

Гонец – Янош Нелепа



Ancient Palestine, Gaza, biblical times.
In a square in Gaza, a group of Hebrews pray fervently to God, who left them in trouble by giving the city to the hated conquerors: the Philistines. Samson passionately calls on Hebrews to revolt and rebukes them for their lack of faith.
Hearing the voices of the Hebrews, satrap Abimélech, the ruler of Gaza, appears in the square. His ridicule and mockery fuel Hebrews’ hatred to him. Enraged Samson kills Abimélech, forcing the Philistines, who accompanied him, to flee.
The High Priest comes out of the temple of Dagon and sees Abimélech dead. Sending curses to Samson, he calls his fellow tribesmen for revenge.
It’s getting light. Hebrew elders gather in the square. They offer a hymn to the Almighty.
The high priestess Dalila and her maidens appear from the gates of the temple. They greet Samson, seduce him with captivating dances and songs. One of the elders warns him, but all in vain. Samson is bewitched by the charms of the beautiful Dalila.


Dalila is expecting Samson. But the insidious Philistine is not thinking about love. Her thoughts are full of revenge.
The High Priest appears and promises Dalila a generous reward if she manages to find out the secret of Samson’s enduring power. But the Philistine woman does not need a reward: her hatred is already great.
Samson appears in the darkness of the night, torn between feeling of love and duty. Dalila acts cunningly and tenderly: now she assures Samson of her love, reminding him of past pleasures, then she reproaches him for inconstancy and begs to be honest with her and reveal his secret to prove his love. Trying to release himself and not break the oath given to God, Samson loses his hair, in which his power lies.


The sightless and exhausted Samson is imprisoned. He prays for his people. He hears the voices of the Hebrews castigating him for treason.
The Philistines celebrate their victory over the Hebrews. Samson is brought into the temple. Everyone taunts him. Delilah reminds the defeated hero of the moments of bliss, reminds how he forgot about his duty in her arms. Samson fervently prays to God to help him punish his enemies for his disgraced honour.
The sacrifice ceremony begins. The High Priest forces him to kneel to Dagon. In desperation, the warrior begs Jehovah to restore his strength. And God heard his son. With Samson’s last prayer, the temple collapses, burying under the rubble everyone inside.