Vyacheslav Kuznetsov

Choreographic legend in two acts

Sunday | 17 September 2023|18:00

Age 12+

Дирижер – Юрий Караваев 


Music: Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Belarus, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
Libretto: Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Delendik
Choreography and staging: People's Artist of Belarus Yury Trayan
Set designer: recipient of the Francysk Skaryna Medal, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Kostiuchenko
Costume designer: Ekaterina Bulgakova
Lighting designer: Irina Vtornikova
Video designer: Nikolai Yarunin
Conductors: Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Koliadko,  Yuri Karavaev

Running time: 2 hours with one interval
Premiere: 30 October 2018


Анастасия – Виктория Тренкина

Хан Ахмат – Владимир Руда

Михаил Глинский – Степан Колчук

Семен – Денис Шпак

Заира – Надежда Филиппова

Иван – Алексей Бояринов (1-ое исп.)



Act 1

Scene 1



Meeting of young Anastasia of Mstislavl and Prince Mikhail Glinski, their first touch, their first kiss. The princess’s first love and vain effort not to let Mikhail go…


Years later. Anastasia’s father, Prince Ivan of Mstislavl, gives a sumptuous ball in honour of her chosen one, Simeon Olelkovich, the Prince of Slutsk, a descendant of the great Gedymin and Olgerd. Anastasia and Simeon join their hands, and now it’s no longer a touch of a bride and a bridegroom, but of a wife and a husband.   


A flourish of trumpets announces the arrival of new guests. Among them is Mikhail Glinski, who has returned after a number of years in Europe. He is accompanied by the Crimean Khan Ahmed, a cunning artful wily warrior, and his daughter Zaira, an oriental beauty, dashing rider and warrior. 

Prince Glinski is captivated by a grown-up Anastasia and does not conceal his feeling, but she has given her heart to Simeon. Zaira cannot take her eyes off the handsome Mikhail. 


Khan Ahmed suggests that the guests be entertained with a duel between the men, and the winner will get a wonderful Tatar whip as a prize. The fight between the strong but gawky Tatar and Mikhail Glinski, an agile skilled dueller, ends with the Prince’s dramatic victory. Filled with admiration, Zaira congratulates the winner and hovers over him, but she sees that his mind is totally occupied with the Princess of Slutsk.


Prince Simeon notices Anastasia’s confusion and challenges the winner to single combat. The fight is a meeting of worthy adversaries. A complicated dangerous dynamic duel results in the victory of the Prince of Slutsk – the prize is awarded to Simeon. Anastasia hugs her spouse happily. 

Rejoiced at his son-in-law’s victory, Prince Ivan of Mstislavl and the guests congratulate Simeon. Anastasia’s elation is the apotheosis of celebration. But not everyone joins in the revelry. Mikhail anguishes, Ahmed and Zaira are embittered and resentful. 



Scene 2



A winter fete in Slutsk. It’s snowing.


A girl and a boy walk along the streets: they are Yuri and Aleksandra, the children of the Princess and Prince of Slutsk Anastasia and Simeon. Their home town awakens, gleaming in the light of the rising sun. Mummers appear from different sides; their funny gestures and jumping amuse children. The town dwellers celebrate Christmas. The Prince and Princess of Slutsk appear grandly.  


The fete is over. The princely family are in the chambers. Anastasia and Simeon are finally left alone; at last they can exchange words of love again. Hand in hand, they again dance the love duet of adults who feel each other deeply.


A sudden peal of bells breaks the silence of the night. A clatter of horse hooves is heard, houses are on fire, people rush in panic. The perfidious raid is led by Khan Ahmed and his daughter Zaira. A horrific picture of violence, destruction, and anguish. Prince Simeon is in the centre of the clash. He is an experienced warrior who cannot be defeated in a fair fight. The outcome is decided by Zaira’s evil blow in Simeon’s back. 


The death of the Prince makes the town defenseless. Anastasia mourns the passing of her husband. With their heads bowed, the men carry the body of the Prince. The Tatars reappear. Having scattered the frightened women, Ahmed, Zaira and the Tatar soldiers circle around the exhausted and defenseless Princess... Zaira’s hand throws a large net over Anastasia.   



Act 2

Scene 3



Dawn in the Tatar camp. 


The great Khan Ahmed finishes his morning prayer and invites his soldiers to celebrate the victory over Prince Simeon. The Tatars’ revelry is in full swing, Zaira dancing in the centre. 


The sound of the trumpet announces the arrival of Prince Mikhail. Khan Ahmed orders to bring his present to the dear guest – it’s a cocoon of net. Mikhail approaches the cocoon, unwinds the net and sees Anastasia: the Princess is humiliated and exhausted, but she remains invincible.  


Mikhail is still in love with her and hopes she will return his love, but Anastasia rejects him. The Prince sets her free. Impressed by the Prince’s generosity, Anastasia leaves. Headed by Khan Ahmed, the Tatars return and seethe with rage. They are outraged by the Prince’s deed: he has neglected their gift and released the main booty.    



Scene 4



The princely mansion in Slutsk. 


Anastasia and her children are in the chambers. She is bewildered, and only in prayer can she find solace and hope. The Tatars arrive in the town again. They try to persuade Anastasia to forge an alliance and present expensive gifts, but the Princess refuses to accept them. Prince Mikhail Glinski appears: he wishes to be at the head of Slutsk. Anastasia opposes adamantly. Seized with indignation, Khan Ahmed declares war. The infuriated Tatars leave, an upset Mikhail following them.     


Memories give Anastasia inner strength. The image of her husband, his power, support and confidence live in the soul of the lonely Princess. Simeon is always with her, it’s him who gives Anastasia strength to live and struggle. She's ready to protect her family, her kin, her town. The army led by the Princess goes to fight a battle.


Iron footsteps of the Tatar soldiers and a clatter of their horses’ hooves are heard throughout. Plunder, beating and violence against women and children again. However, the brutal Tatars are unexpectedly repulsed by Prince Mikhail Glinski, who has decided to side with Anastasia. Mikhail fights with Ahmed. The Tatars are defeated; Anastasia prevents a perfidious stab in Prince Mikhail’s back. With the last ounce of his strength, the Prince approaches Anastasia with her children. It is she who has led the people and won, after enduring all the sorrows, humiliation and adversity.