Ilya Polskiy
The Little Tower Chamber

opera in 2 acts

Sunday | 6 October 2019|11:00

Age 0+

Дирижер – Иван Костяхин


Libretto: Samuil Marshak, Ilya Polskiy
Musical director: Ivan Kostyakhin
Director: Natalia Kuzmenkova
Designer: Ekaterina Bulgakova
Choreography: Elena Dmitrieva-Lavrinovich
Conductor: Aleh Lessoun

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes with one interval
Sung in Russian with Russian surtitles
Premiere: 28 December 2007


Лягушка – Марина Аксенцова

Мышка – Елена Таболич

Петушок – Янош Нелепа

Ежик – Сергей Лазаревич

Лиса – Анна Гурьева

Волк – Владимир Громов

Медведь – Дмитрий Трофимук

Дирижер – Иван Костяхин

A little Mouse, a little Frog, a Cockerel and a little Hedgehog choose abandoned in a forest little engine as their house. But this comfortable place took the Wolf’s attraction. He instigated a Fox and a Bear to break a fence, to burst into the house and to taste fresh meat of cock. The first attempt to occupy the house was unsuccessful, having being beated the Wolf and the Bear are out of the battle. But the sly Fox doesn’t give up. At night she steals up to the house, protected by the Cockerel, and lulls his vigilance with flattering praises:
"… The Bear was up in arms against you, but you overpowered him!"
The fox with a fox cub catch the defenseless Cockerel. The Hedgehog rushes to his help. He wins the fair battle and returns the battered Cockerel to the house. The Wolf undertakes the last try to occupy the house, having sawing up the fence, but all the animals and insects of the magic forest come running to protect the house. The opera ends with consensus.