Mark Minkov
Magic Music

opera-fairytale in two acts

Sunday | 30 October 2022|11:00

Age 0+

Дирижер – Алексей Верховен


Libretto: Vladimir Polyakov and Natalya Sats; version by the recipient of the Francysk Skaryna Medal Galina Galkovskaya
Musical director: Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Belarus professor Lev Lyakh
Director: Recipient of the Francysk Skaryna Medal Galina Galkovskaya
Designer: Lyubov Sidelnikova
Choreography: Elena Dmitrieva-Lavrinovich
Conductors: recipient of the Francysk Skaryna Ivan Kostyakhin, Aleh Lessoun

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes with one interval
Sung in Russian with Russian and English surtitles
Premiere: 27 December 1996

The production features the music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gaetano Donizetti, Gioachino Rossini, Johann Strauss, Eduardo di Capua


Рыжий Клоун – Янош Нелепа

Белый Клoун – Александр Краснодубский

Дзинь – Елена Бунделева

Бом – Елена Таболич

Король – Дмитрий Трофимук

Королева – Оксана Якушевич

Принцесса – Анна Гурьева

Сыщик – Андрей Матюшонок

Доктор – Сергей Лазаревич (1-ое исп.)

Первый Министр – Диана Трифонова (1-ое исп.)

Второй Министр – Ольга Малиновская



The Red and While clowns decide to make a present for the children: compose and perform for them a music fairytale – and opera-fairytale. The singers join them. Thanks to them, the children learn what an opera is, what kind of opera voices exist, how to begin an opera production. All the actors of the prologue as a friendly “opera family” head into the fairytale. The Red and While clowns take seats in the audience.

Act 1
We are taken into a magic country Gluplandia, which is governed by the King Tarator the Fourteenth. Boredom and laziness reign here. The citizens of the kingdom do nothing but constantly sleep and slander each other. The quiet of the sleeping kingdom is disturbed by the Royal Doctor, who announces that the King’s daughter is afflicted with an unknown disease. It turns out that the cause of her tears and whims is the disappearance of the blue diamond. The principal royal detective sets out to find it accompanied by his dog Jack.

In the winter forest the Detective finds little, chilled to the bone musicians Dzin and Bom, who had lost their way. The Detective accuses them of the robbery of the blue diamond. However, the children do not have anything except for his instruments – violin and flute. Dzin and Bom perform for the Detective a song about music. Having heard the song, the Detective decides to bring the children with him to the Palace – their music will console the poor princess. But the effect of the music is such that not only the Princess stops her whims, but everyone becomes better. The King cancels all his decrees about executions, and the First Minister admits that he had solen the diamond and returns it to the Princess. But she doesn’t need the diamond anymore – now the music is better for her than any jewel.

The King orders to feed the children. Happy with such a turn of events, The Red and While Clowns rush to the stage, wishing to join the merrymaking. However, right in the middle of the ball the King demands to stop the music. Again, boredom and carelessness return to Gluplandia, and Dzin and Bom by King’s order are thrown into prison.

Act 2

The Whilte and Red Clowns, saved by a miracle from the pursuit, can’t decide what should they do next, because the fairytale has started to unfold on its own.

The Princess, who now can’t live without music, started to be capricious again. And the Ministers in the absence of the King and the Queen keep robbing the palace.

In the prison Dzin and Bom are trying hard to fix the broken instruments. The Detective can’t tolerate the sounds of music anymore, and leaves the dog Jack to watch over the prisoners. Influenced by music, Jack becomes kind and lets the children get out of the prison.

In his search for Dzin and Bom, the Detective unexpectedly meets the Princess – she ran away from the Palace in order to rescue the little musicians. The Detective swears that he will find Dzin and Bom, whatever it takes. In the meanwhile, the King finds out that the Princess is absent. Together with the Ministers, they go to look for her, and find her in company of the Red and White Clowns. The King immediately orders to arrest the Clowns and to lock the Princess in her bedroom, but threatened to be excluded from the fairytale, he cancels his decrees and even starts singing himself.

The wish to hear the wonderful sounds again leads the characters of the fairytale to the Kingdom of Music. Here they find Dzin and Bom. The music unites all the characters in the happy end. The fairytale is over, but the music continues playing in the hearts of all its characters