Pyotr Tchaikovsky

opera in three acts

Tuesday | 3 October 2023|19:00

Age 12+

Дирижер – Николай Колядко


Libretto: Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Konstantin Shilovsky, based on the eponymous novel by Alexander Pushkin
Musical director: People’s Artist of Belarus, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Anissimov
Original director: Valery Shishov
Revival director: Alexander Prokhorenko
Designer: Dmitry Mokhov
Chorus master: People’s Artist of Belarus, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Nina Lomanovich
Choreography: recipient of the Francysk Skaryna Medal Aleksandra Tikhomirova
Conductors: Vladimir Ovodok, honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Koliadko, Yuri Karavaev
Assistant costume designer: Ekaterina Bulgakova

Running time: 3 hours 10 minutes with two intervals
Sung in Russian with Russian and English surtitles
Premiere: 18 June 2012


Евгений Онегин – Владимир Громов

Татьяна – Елена Золова

Ольга – Оксана Волкова

Ленский – Александр Михнюк

Князь Гремин – Олег Мельников

Ларина – Анастасия Малевич

Няня – Екатерина Михновец

Ротный – Сергей Лазаревич

Трике – Юрий Болотько

Зарецкий – Владислав Зозулько

Запевала –  Юрий Болотько

Scene I
The Larins’ manor. Madame Larina and the nurse Filipievna bustle about the garden and listen to Larina’s daughters, Tatiana and Olga, singing, and the feel nostalgic about their irretrievable youth. 
Peasants come to congratulate the lady on the completion of the harvest. They give her the last sheaf, and, at the request of the lady to the joy of the light-hearted and flirtatious Olga, organize dances. 
Tatiana, dreamy and pensive, is the complete opposite of her sister. She prefers being wrapped up in the fantasy of a book and going through romantic sufferings of its characters in love. 
The nurse reports the arrival of the Larins’ neighbour, Vladimir Lensky, a young poet who is in tender and burning love with his childhood friend Olga. Eugene Onegin, an arrogant and aloof resident of St Petersburg, comes with his friend. Tatiana feels excited and embarrassed, and the nurse notices in the way the girl talks to Onegin that the new gentleman has caught her favourite’s fancy.

Scene II
Tatiana, excited about seeing Onegin, wanders around her room. She asks the nurse to tell her about her past but listens absently. Being in the power of her first love, an unknown feeling that has swept over her, she makes up her mind to write to Onegin and reveal her feeling…

Scene III
The following morning Onegin comes to the Larins’ manor to speak to Tatiana. What impatience and excruciating fear she has felt while waiting for him! But his arrival brings bitter disappointment: Onegin rejects her love and, in a cold and civil manner, teaches her to be self-possessed and self-restrained.

Scene I
To celebrate Tatiana’s name day, the Larins give a ball which is attended by all the flower of the provincial society, including Lensky, who has persuaded his friend to go with him. Onegin is annoyed and bored with idle gossips. To entertain himself and vex Lensky, Onegin starts flirting with Olga. Lensky is insulted by the behavior of his beloved and his friend, and his talk to Onegin ends in quarrel and challenge to a duel.

Scene II
Early on a frosty morning, Lensky and his second Zaretsky await Onegin on the forest edge. The poet is overwhelmed by gloomy forebodings of the coming death, but all his thoughts are directed to Olga. Reflecting on the recent serene happiness, he is sad to thing that his beloved Olga will forget him soon.
Onegin arrives with Gilio, his valet and second. A thought of reconciliation appears in the former friends’ minds, but they both resist the impulse. Onegin shoots first. Lensky is shot dead.

Scene I
A magnificent ball is given for high society in St Petersburg. Onegin is among the guests. Following Lensky’s death, he has travelled extensively and just returned. Onegin can hardly rejoice at anything, and finds no peace.
At the ball a dazzlingly beautiful woman appears accompanied by Prince Gremin, Onegin’s old acquaintance. Onegin recognizes her as Tatiana Larina, and, hardly believing his eyes, asks Gremin about her. The Prince tells him about his feeling to Tatiana, as well as about their happy marriage. Onegin is confused and perplexed, for all of a sudden he has fallen in love.

Scene II
In the living-room of the luxurious mansion, Tatiana reads Onegin’s impassioned letter again and recalls her love to him. 
Onegin appears and begs for Tatiana’s love. But the sense of duty is stronger than the feeling. The girl admits to be in love with Onegin, but prefers to be faithful to her husband. Tatiana, unwilling to continue listening to him, rushes out. Onegin is left in despair.