Большой театр Беларуси


Big New Year’s Ball at the Bolshoi


What is a ball? This is beautiful music and dancing, smiles and laughter, jokes and lotteries, unexpected meetings and surprises, games and quests, confetti and champagne… This is an opportunity to visit another century with charming ladies in magnificent dresses and gallant gentlemen for at least a few hours. This is an opportunity to celebrate the Old New Year in the company of talented artists of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus.


The Bolshoi will hold a New Year’s Ball on the night of January 13th/14th for the 14th time. By tradition, the main dancing action will take place in the foyer. Dance classes under with the choreographer Yuliya Dziatko began on 6 November. And already on 13 January, the cavaliers and their ladies will ceremoniously walk in polonaise, marches, whirl in waltzes and dance the polka. Yuliya Dziatko prepares a new programme with her students every year. This yer will not be an exception.


The author of the concept of the holiday will be the principal stage director of the theatre Anna Motornaya. Our directors Natalia Baranovskaya, Natalia Kuzmenkova, Olga Buravleva, Maryia Isayeva will prepare the traditional surprise concert, programmes in the Chamber Hall, entertainment activities in the foyer. Lighting designer is Lyubov Sidelnikova.


This year, our three maestros Aleh Lessoun, Vladimir Ovodok and Yuri Karavaev will conduct. Of course, the participation of the chief chorus master Nina Lomanovich and principal ballet master Igor Kolb at the ball is very important.


Tickets for the Big New Year’s Ball at the Bolshoi are on sale now. The rehearsal schedule for those wishing to participate in the ball is on our website. Please note that dance groups are formed until 26 November!