Parterre: Fabulous December

Favourite artists, premiere performances, interesting facts, funny stories – all of this you can find you in the new issue of Parterre.

The 3rd Singing Competition is hosted by the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus! 225 singers from 20 countries will compete for the title of the best. The artists of absolutely different types of voices – from bass to soprano, and even the rarest countertenor – will compete in the ‘singers’ Olympics’. What does the high jury expect to hear this time? What will the audience see?  Will they be able to influence the adjudgement of awards? Read!

The lucky number of the International Opera Forum is 7 this year: it is for the seventh time that we will hear the best voices of the leading theaters of the world on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus. Stars only, and only the most ‘delicious’ performances – can you pick just one?..

Quarrels and bickering of the artists, intrigue and gossip of the musicians, jokes and pranks – a real opera house mess with the main character mother Agatha, whose part is sung by… a man, at the top of it. All this we will find at the Larisa Aleksandrovskaya Chamber Hall on 12 December. Ivan Kostyakhin, the conductor, and Elena Medyakova, the director, are responsible for this outrage. The directors of the premiere of the musical comedy by Gaetano Donizetti Viva la Mamma! Conventions and Inconveniences of the Stage offer a glimpse into the world behind the scenes...

The Big Opera is a very good quality show that is a joy to watch and a pleasure to take part in.’ The persona of the issue is the tenor of the Bolshoi of Belarus Yuri Gorodetski.

‘Life and Death, Love and Dream, the crowd ready to raise the Poet up and then knock him down and trample on him; the throes of creation and the joy of the birth of the Word. Centuries flee, poets pass. But their creations that keep the breath of Eternity remain...’ reflects Aleksandra Tikhomirova on her ballet Sonnets.

Eduard Martynyuk, ‘I usually play hero characters, and this time, I had to cope with such a distinctive character as Kashchey. It was make up, I should say, that really helped me. Although we didn’t arrive at the final visual solution immediately...’ The artists of the Bolshoi Theater try on a variety of roles and characters every day. But one should agree that the images where the audience cannot recognize their favourite artist are the most memorable ones. It is namely such a kind of character that we decided to talk about in the December issue of Parterre.

To gather as a family, to chat, to dream, to laugh – these are the opportunities that are given by the traditional competition of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus – ‘Christmas Tree Decoration’. How to take part in it? All the details are posted on the official website of the Theatre and, of course, on the pages of Parterre.

The Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of fairy tales, miracles and magic at the Big New Year’s ball on the night between 13 to 14 January.

‘I always wish every man that everything that he aspires and works hard for be accomplished in the New Year,’ on the eve of Christmas and New Year Igor Artamonov and other brilliant artists of the Bolshoi Theatre tell the readers of Parterre what these bright holidays mean to them.

The Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus congratulates the Honoured Artist of Belarus Raisa Vasilievna Osipenko on her anniversary. Thank you for the years of service and for your talent! We sincerely wish good health, good mood, optimism and prosperity!