"Song yesterday and today"

‘There is plenty of devotees of this genre, which is not of a great surprise because a song is a real opera just a small one,’ says the Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Elena Salo. ‘Sometimes a whole life is concealed in three or four verses. Moreover, a song gives an opportunity to use all timbers and colours of the voice palette. But above all, it is a beautiful melody that constitutes the heart of any song. To compose one is a rare gift that is given from above. The contemporary composers do not always write a melody emanating from the depths of their soul but some circus numbers filled with of vocal somersaults, which require a lot of effort, but leave an integral part of the romance out – its theatricality.

In my understanding a song is a beautiful melody with words that sink into the soul of a listener. A singer should be able to tell the story in such a way so that the viewer would believe that the artist has lived it through. I must say that I'm a picky artist who always chooses the most beautiful compositions. Such meticulously chosen pearls will be heard on January 18 in the chamber hall. We will begin our evening with the "yesterday”: most popular songs of the nineteenth century will be performed, then gradually moving to "today." No doubt, the fans of songs will discover something new for themselves.

It is often said that everything most beautiful has already been written in the nineteenth century. And by showing the development of the song from historical to modern, I will prove it's not true! This genre is still alive today. There is no doubt that the audience will enjoy songs from different eras, including the modern ones. That's why I decided to invite the composers and ask them to tell the stories of the creation of their songs. It will be not just a concert but the evening of warm fellowship with  the audience which I am going to host myself. Leonid Zahlevny, Anna Kozlova, Ella Andreenko are my personal acquaintances who have changed my attitude toward a song. The creation of each of them differs, of course: one song is more academic, the other possesses folk-song intonations, and the third one has a touch of improvisation. But all these works are stunningly beautiful! I really want the audience to see the people who give us such joy. By the way, there will be several works in the Belarusian language: our language is so melodious that verses fall perfectly on the soulful melody. Interestingly, a song changes its smell, color and taste, when performed in different languages. I think the audience will feel it, when the old Russian will be followed by modern Russian language, and then Belarusian.

We must appreciate the beauty that we have and keep it. No wonder the beauty is said to save the world. Songs have a right to be performed, to hear people applaud and shout “Bravo”. I'm talking exclusively about music. But if I get some of it too, I will be happy. (Smiles.)

Director Elena Mediakova

Piano accompaniment Aleksey Usachev