The Bolshoi Theatre at the BNTU


Starship troopers of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus continue to march through the universities of the country to educate and win new theatre admirers.  This educational project took place for the fourth time on the eve of New Year celebrations in the Belarusian National Technical University.

 ‘It is impossible to neglect the necessity of working with youth today: we must meet with them and communicate,’ confesses Svetlana Kaziulina, the deputy director for International Relations, Tours and Marketing. ‘Outstanding artists that glorify the Bolshoi at renowned stages of the world are not always recognized in Minsk by their fellow citizens. This won’t do! At meetings like this one, we do our utmost to tell the students about the wonderful people who belong to not only to the elite of our theatre, but also to the hall of fame of Belarus in general, and the world art.

At each University we try to talk about what is happening at the theater, how it develops, what unique performances are on, and what is being staged at the moment. It didn’t go in a form of a boring lecture, no! We try to find an individual approach to each student at a given University.

For example, we have recently had a similar meeting at the Belarusian University of Culture and Arts, where our colleagues, managers, future leaders who need to understand how to build a marketing strategy in any organization, are getting their education. So we used this opportunity to share our experience how we exercise the marketing strategy at our theatre, the ways how we cooperate with other theatres and cultural institutions in Europe, America and Canada; then, we shared some  interesting  facts about how a production of a performance is carried out from the very first stages. How many people know about this?..

Young people from different cities of Belarus come to study in Minsk. Therefore, it is not surprising that not all students were brought up in the atmosphere of appreciation of often theatre visits, especially the Bolshoi. Opera and ballet are elitist art. But we do our utmost to familiarize the future young professionals with our artists, their life and career. We believe that it is namely this interest in the personality of the artist that will encourage a student to go to the theater. And that is the main goal of our project. Yes, not everyone will come to the Bolshoi Theater, but people who are not indifferent to art, who are apt to see and listen, fell empathy for the protagonist, and to understand him.’..

Svetlana Kaziulina opened the evening at the hall of the BNTU, tuning the young people to the wave of mutual understanding, which inevitably created an atmosphere of good mood, despite the fact that it was pretty chilly in the hall. A very interesting talk took place with the People's Artist of Belarus Nina Sharubina. ‘The main thing is never to give up and not to fall into despair, but to keep on, down a chosen path, if you know that this is the dream of your life’, Nina Sharubina shared her piece of advice, since she had gone though several attempts before becoming a soloist of the Belarusian Bolshoi. She amused the students with funny stories that happen on stage.

A unique musical gift to New Year Holidays and Christmas was presented by the ensemble of wind instruments ‘AMADIS.BRASS’ featuring the performance of Dmitry Gorbachuk, Alexander Antanovich, Pavel Kunz, Andrei Mikhalevich, Viktor Arenovski and Mikhail Konstantinov who performed several recognizable tunes provoking to a sing-along , which, actually, happened  once the audience heard the tune of ‘born in the forest the herringbone...’

On 20 October, the artists of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus took part in the master class International cultural relations in the sphere of modern operatic music, which was organized by the theatre in collaboration with the Department of Intercultural Communications of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Аrts.

On 24 November, the meeting of the leaders and artists of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus with the students of the Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University took place.