Ballet Viy


A new production by choreographer Radu Poklitaru will take place at the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus within the 33rd International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk (IFMC). Ballet Viy is a mystical story based on Nikolai Gogol’s novella.


Authentic and original Viy by Radu Poklitaru is a parable about the soul trial, belief or disbelief. In the ballet, all the characters have kept their names, but there is only one author's innovation-the image of the Khoma’s beloved Vasilisa. 


Performances, directed by Radu Poklitaru, are always creative rethinking of the place of action, the proposed circumstances and actions of the heroes. The choreographer will present the story that happened to the seminarian student Khoma Brut, who will spend several nights at the coffin of the deceased Pannochka and fight with bodily temptations, internal demons and the horrible Viy.


In an interview, Radu Poklitaru admitted that he made the final decision on the production after hearing Alexander Rodin's suite on the theme "Viy". A half-hour piece was not enough for two acts of a ballet performance, so the composer added the missing parts. The musical material of the new Viy was recorded in a virtuoso performance of the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by the People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Sirenko.


Viy became the most expensive production of the Kyiv Modern-Ballet. Production team used the ultra-modern technological visual 3D-special effects for the first time. (Video content: Olya Nikitina; costume design: Dmytro Kuryata).


Viy by Radu Poklitaru is absolutely author's interpratation of literary material. You will not see Gogol's Viy there. In general, you won’t see something familiar.


 General Partner of the Festival - Belwest.