89th. Pre-anniversary


On 25 May, the audience will see scenes from performances that are significant for the history of both the Bolshoi Theatre and the cultural heritage of the country as a whole. Of course, you can also hear Georges Bizet’s music from Carmen. The history of the theatre began from this performance in 1933.

‘The audience, who will come to the Bolshoi on 25 May, will see the powerful works of world ballet and opera classics, which are performed on our stage and a rich repertoire we have developed over the years. In this concert, as in no other, whole scenes, fragments, numbers from the most famous classical works will be presented. This concert will feature entire scenes, fragments, varieties from the most famous classical works. Real opera and ballet masters, fantastic chorus, orchestra, supernumeraries, young artists of the Children's Musical Theatre Studio – the Bolshoi will show itself in all its might,’ the director of the concert Galina Galkovskaya said.

Aleh Lessoun will conduct.